Dillons Community Rewards

Each year, local schools, churches and other nonprofit organizations earn millions of dollars through Dillons Community Rewards (DCR)…simply by their supporters shopping at their stores and using their Plus Shopper’s Card. Thanks to our loyal parishioners and supporters, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church & School has been the beneficiary of thousands of dollars from DCR, over the last two years!

Funds generated from DCR are now designated toward the purchase of new artwork for the Assembly Room.

To enroll in the Dillon's Community Rewards Program:

1.  Click here to visit www.Dillons.com/CommunityRewards
2.  Sign-in to your account*
3.  Click on "Enroll Now"
4.  Enter our organization number, which is 10445
5.  Click the button next to “St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church & School”
6.  Click on "Enroll"

*To enroll in DCR, you must have a Dillons.com account and your Dillons Plus Shopper’s Card number.  If you do not have a Dillons.com account, simply visit www.Dillons.com to sign-up (a valid email address will be required).  If you do not a physical Dillons Plus Shopper’s card with the number on it, you may use your alternate ID (phone number) when enrolling in the Community Rewards Program.  If you do not have a Dillons Plus Shopper’s Card, you can request a digital card when registering for a Dillons.com account.

Thank you for supporting St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church & School through the Dillons Community Rewards Program.   For questions regarding DCR, or assistance with re-enrollment or enrollment, please contact the Church Office at 316-683-6569.