The Lord's Diner

Jolene Boswell
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The Lord's Diner serves meals 365 days a year to those in need. St. Thomas Aquinas parish volunteers serve at The Lord's Diner Broadway location on the 30th day of each month. Volunteers may work in the afternoon (Noon-3 p.m.) preparing food or in the evening serving and cleaning up (5-8 p.m.).  A Food Safety Class is required for new volunteers, but is easy to obtain through a free online course.  The Diocese requires all new volunteers to take a Virtus class. Read further for more information on the online Food Safety Class and Virtus training.

Broadway Location
520 North Broadway | Wichita, KS 67214
P:(316) 266-4966
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The Lord's Diner Volunteer Schedules

Click here to download the September Schedule

Volunteer Parking & Entrance Information

The volunteer parking lot and volunteer entrance are located on the east side of the building and are accessible from the alley north of the Diner, from the alley off Central or from Topeka Street (which is one way south).  Overflow parking is in the South lot on the east side or across the street in the small lot at the corner of Broadway and Central.  Please enter through the Volunteer Entrance on the east side of the building.

The Volunteer entrance will be unlocked during the Prep shift (9-2 pm) and during the Serving shift (4:45 - 7:30 pm).  There is a ramp at this door and a doorbell in the event you arrive and the door is locked. We will be installing lighting in this new lot at some point in the near future, but, as always, officers will provide security when you go to leave at night.

Food Safety Course and Virtus Training

The City of Wichita Environmental Health Department will no longer require food handler’s cards or host food handler's classes.  This means The Lord’s Diner will no longer require renewals! All those who already have a food handler card, even if it is expired, will not have to renew their card at any time. The Lord’s Diner will continue to require new volunteers to take a food safety course, but it will look very different. The course will be free, online, specific to what is done there and much quicker.  A card will be available to print at the end of the online session and will never expire.  New volunteers simply bring that card with them for documentation.

Click here for the link to the online Food Safety Class.  

The Lord’s Diner will still require new volunteers to have Virtus training. The reason behind this is to create a safe space for everyone who walks in their doors – volunteers, guests, staff, children, senior citizens, etc.

Click here for the link to the Virtus Training Classes