Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

A new prayer journey for students began when an Atrium for the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd was established at our parish school just a little over one year ago. The Atrium is a prayerful space housed in a classroom on the first floor of the school. Many hours were spent creating this children's prayer corner and many more on teacher instruction.  

Prayer is listening and responding to God. Each lesson taught in the Atrium begins with a Scripture passage followed by a brief discussion of the passage. This Scripture presentation might end with something we might want to say or sing to God. 

The prayer table is the most basic furnishing in the Atrium. The table is usually set with a cloth of one of the liturgical colors, the Holy Bible, a candle, a prayer card, and possibly a statue or flowers. This sets the stage for an opportunity for the child to choose a personal work. It might be a hands-on item, a practical life activity, a pasting or drawing activity, or quiet time around the prayer table.