Pray - The Stewardship Way of Life

Parishioners at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church seek closeness with God through a prayerful commitment to the stewardship way of life. We carry out our promises to pray, participate, and give with faithfulness and love as missionary disciples.

We Pray

Prayer is time reserved especially for God alone that is set aside each day. We worship at Mass each Sunday and on Holy Days of Obligation, while also spending daily time and effort on our relationship with God in prayer. We spend time in adoration, praise, thanksgiving and petition. Prayer is a powerful way to give back to God.

Now is the time for parishioners to start thinking about how they will spend more time with God, I addition to attend Sunday Mass, in 2019. Regularly attending a weekday Mass, adoring the Blessed Sacrament, praying the Rosary, or reading the Bible, are just a few examples of how parishioners can give back to God through prayer.

We practice the stewardship way of life. We pray.