Kara Geist
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Women of Aquinas (WOA) unites women of the Parish through planned social functions, promotes Christian stewardship within the Parish and community, and provides bread and wine for the Altar as well as other special Parish needs on occasion. Women become members of WOA upon joining the Parish. A dues donation is requested annually from members.  Dues can be donated by clicking here.

Women of Aquinas is led by a team of women representing different generations of women parishioners.  Each Leadership Team position has a term of one year, with the exception of the Treasurer whose term is two years.  All terms run concurrent to the fiscal year of the Parish, July 1 through June 20.  The current WOA Leadership Team is outlined below:

Chair: Lindsey Wasinger

Treasurer: Ilex Gelpi

Secretary: Jennifer Magana

Fall Event: Katie Brewer

Spring Event: Kendra Mueller

Pop-Up: Sheila Tigert, Val Cowan & Marilyn Loy.