Behavior Expectations/Consequences

The privilege of attending St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School carries with it the responsibility to maintain standards designed to ensure acceptable student behavior at all times. The following set of general behavior expectations for students will help maintain a Christian environment in which there can be quality teaching and learning:

STA Honor Code Grades K - 2

•I will act in such a way that I will be proud of myself and others will be proud of me, too.  

•I came to school to learn. I will have a good day.

STA Honor Code Grades 3 - 8

•I will show courtesy through respect for others' feelings, rights, time, and property.

•I will respect my own property and be responsible for my own behavior as an individual and as a member of a group.

•I will work and play in a safe way.

•I will use appropriate language in the school or on the school grounds at all times.

•I will take pride in STA and will help make it a good place in which to live and learn.

General School Behavior

In order to facilitate the STA Honor Code and maintain a safe, orderly, Christian environment, the following General School Behaviors are highlighted for you (this is not an all-inclusive list):

•respect school property at all times (gum, skateboards, roller blades, etc. are not allowed on school grounds);

•respect members of our school community, including volunteers; 

•use kind and appropriate language and actions; and

•treat each other in a kind and Christian manner while on school property and remain under teacher supervision.