Cross Country at STA

XC is a middle-distance running sport where 6th and 7th graders run a mile race.  8th graders start at 1 mile, and then work their way to a 2-mile race at the third meet. CX is a team sport where the top 5 finishers for each team have their place added together for their team score.

Races and practices are typically held at area parks.  Our middle school athletes are allowed to run in 6 meets.  The last meet is the CSAL League meet with the West Side Catholic Middle School Eagles that is run out of St. Francis School.

Typically, XC has 4-5 practices per week.

Uniform:  Each athlete will buy a singlet.  At the end of their tenure on the team, they are able to keep the singlet, sell it to another runner or donate it to the team.