Happy Fall!  We are busy in the lab learning.  Here's a recap of September and what's ahead for October.

Kindergarten and First Grade are reviewing mouse control skills.  With the proliferation of touch screen computers and tablets, I'm finding that many of the students are challenged in the area of mouse control.  I teach them to make bunny ears and put one finger on each button and then grab the mouse so it doesn't run away with the rest of their fingers.  There is a piece of velcro on the left mouse button so they can click the button without having to look at the mouse.  They are also reviewing parts of the computer.

Second grade spent time in September learning about the keyboard shortcuts of copy, cut and paste.  We spent several class periods practicing these skills.  October will find us learning about presentations as we complete a simple slide show about our chosen saint.

Third grade has been working on keyboarding skills in order to be ready for the Diocese Keyboard Assessment next year.  They are also working on learning about word processing.  They are creating a bullet list of ways to show kindness to go along with our virtue of the quarter.

Fourth grade spent September learning about strong passwords and creating one for their Google Classroom accounts.  They have logged into their accounts and will soon learn how to turn in assignments in the account.  We are now working on their six slide presentation on their nonfiction book.  We start by planning each slide and then creating the slideshow complete with properly cited pictures.

Fifth grade spent September learning about cyberbullying and copyright.  We talked about how we are Christ's presence online and should act like it.  We will be working on word processing in October.

4th-7th graders need to remember the keyboarding requirements for the Diocese of Wichita.  We practice in class daily but some students will need some extra practice to meet the requirements.  Please see the document on this site regarding these requirements.  If a student does not meet the requirements by March 1, he/she will be required to do remediation.

Happy October!

Mrs. Klausmeyer

Keyboarding Practice

If you are looking for some sites to practice keyboarding, I have a list (with links) on my classroom website.  Here's the place to look:  Keyboarding Sites