2018 Musical!

Hello all!  The musical has finally been chosen for next fall.  St. Thomas Aquinas will be doing "Dear Edwina."  All music files have been uploaded for students to listen to the tracks if they so choose over summer.  They are located in the "documents" section.  Have a great summer!

Music Lessons

Interested in taking private lessons?  We have you covered!  Hannah Milligan is now accepting new students in piano, clarinet, flute, saxophone, and bass clarinet.  Click here for her contact information and prices!

Music Websites

Music Websites for further help and learning for the music classroom:


2nd Grade- To practice instrument families, click here for this website; go to "Music" and click on "Instruments of the Orchestra."

6th Grade- To practice the information with our units, click here for this website; go to quizzes and find the right quiz to practice!