Important Dates & Reminders

Upcoming events:


11/16 - Community Family Day

11/19- 11/23 - Thanksgiving Break!

12/19 - Noon Dismissal

12/20- 1/2 - Christmas Break!



If you would like to watch our recycling video here is the link! You will not be able to search for it because it is unlisted.


 Don't forget to have your child complete 30 minutes of Mobymax a week! It is a participation for this first quarter. They need to have 30 minutes of either Math, Fact Fluency, or Test Prep Math. You need to look under the categories to add up the time, you can't just look at the total time because it includes game time.

Mobymax Club is available for students in 3rd-5th grade. It is on Monday's from 3:30-4:00.



*Daily Rosary starts at 7:30 on the Plaza! Feel free to join us in praying for our school and asking for the Blessed Mother's Intercession. 

Math: Moby Max

Mobymax is a weekly quiz grade! Mobymax grades are taken on Mondays. In the rare occurence that their time was not recorded correctly, the students must have a written note on the Monday it is checked, explaining the situation and how many minutes they worked.

-To check your child's MobyMax time you have to go to the "Time" icon and click the right arrow to find the tabs labeled Math, Fact Fluency, and Test Prep Math. You have to add their minutes from those three categories to count for their 30 minutes. Looking at the total will not show you their correct time. Students should be working 30 minutes a week Monday-Sunday. The website for MobyMax is in the front of their agenda along with their name and password.