2018-2019 Scholars Bowl

I am excited for another amazing year of Scholars Bowl at STA. All interested 7th and 8th graders should keep an eye out for the first informational meeting in late August.


In the meantime, there will be a schedule change:


Practices will be held TUESDAY afternoons from 3:40-4:45 in Room 29.


Meets are held on THURSDAY afternoons. Dates to come!

The Culminating Project: The Paper

We are in the final stages of composing the research paper portion of the Culminating Project. Your kids have worked hard to find and process information, create an outline and works cited page, and compose a four-to-six page paper. In January, they thought it couldn’t be done. Now, at the beginning of March, the majority of the eighth graders have realized that this project is not so daunting if you meet deadlines and do the research needed at the beginning.

This week, we continue what I consider to be the most important step: Revising & Editing. We have focused on transitions and citations. Now we are investigating some new technology, a website/app known as “Grammarly.” The website allows anyone to upload a paper and receive free assistance with spelling and punctuation. Additionally, I have a “Premium” account that we will use to look at word choice, sentence structure, and plagiarism. I am always excited to share sites with the kids that help us “Work Smarter, Not Harder” and get the most out of the technology we have at STA. I will report back on its success.


Scholars Bowl: This is it!

We have a big few weeks ahead of us for Scholars Bowl. Here are some updates:

Week of Feb. 5-9:         

  • Practices Tuesday and Wednesday 3:40-4:30
  • Thursday: Competition at St. Peter Schulte. Meet at STA by 2:45 IN UNIFORM                           


Week of Feb. 12-16:   

  • Practices Tuesday and Wednesday 3:40-4:30
  • Thursday: Scholar Bowl Finals at Collegiate. 


Week of Feb. 19-23:   

  • Thursday End-of Season Party 3:40-5:00


March 8-End of the Year: Come on Thursdays for board games and trivia.

Second Semester Already?!?

Hello, friends.

Can you believe how quickly the year has gone by? Here in Room 29 we are starting my favorite activities: Research Writing and a thorough study of To Kill a Mockingbird. We are having some deep and fascinating discussions about hot topics of the day through these activities. Everyone ought to have a solid answer to "What did you do in school today?"

Scholars Bowl Season Begins!

My favorite season of all! We will begin tryouts next week at the following times:

Wednesday, Aug. 30: Informational Meeting 3:45-4:00

Thursday, Aug. 31: 7th and 8th grade Written tests 3:45-4:15

Wednesday, Sept. 6: 7th grade Buzzer Tests 3:45-4:30

Thursday, Sept. 7: 8th grade Buzzer Tests 3:45-4:30

Friday, Sept. 8: Teams Posted

All tests will be in Mrs. Cathey's classroom-Room 29

Language Arts

What Are We Going to Do This Year?

First things first: this year will not be "just like sixth grade"! I am so glad we are all back together, but be prepared to work harder, write more, and show me how much you've grown and matured since sixth grade. So what will we be doing?

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Mrs. Cathey