Welcome to a new school year!  I am excited to be teaching English again. 

I also love teaching the creative electives that our school offers!  The musical is always fun, challenging, and rewarding.  I am always so proud of the students' hard work and courage to present a wonderful show.  

This year, I feel privileged to teach Yearbook elective again.  We have started the yearbook process and I am looking forward to working with the yearbook staff.  Many creative ideas are explored and put in the design.  Throughout the duration of the yearbook class, our school spirit is ignited and our school pride brings much joy to all of us. 

This year, I am thrilled to be teaching a new elective called Saints Alive.  This elective will be allowing us to explore new ways of praying and teaching the importance of prayer in our lives.  The students will also be creating small prayer services for the younger grades.  Guided meditations, readings from the bible, and music selections will be included.  I am excited to hear ideas from these wonderful middle school students.  They always impress me with their spiritual thoughts and feelings. These children are such a blessing to me.

Mrs. Genilo