Up coming Topics in 7th Grade Science


For the week of April 23 th 

Task: Create a brochure that informs an audience about an extreme weather phenomenon. This project will be due Thursday, April 26th.


Please see google classroom for detail.   


Up coming Topics in 8th Grade Science

The Mumbai Project

I am doing a shuffle of activities here, due to the timing of the culminating project presentation and the level of difficulty of the Mumbai project. STEM activities do take extra amounts of time as compared to an in class lab. If I wait until after the "Keep The Heat In" activity, the Mumbai Project could very well compete for time with the culminating project. Hence, to increase academic performance, the Mumbai project will have extended time in class for the students to work on it (5 class periods, 7.5 hr of work time). There should be very little homework time required.

We will circle back to pick up the "Keep The Heat In" lab.   

Please have your student show you the postings on Google Classroom so that you can be up to speed on the project.

The assignment has evolved from a small group project into a large group (entire class) competing between class periods.

Finally we have an end in sight, Thursday April 26th. Baring any foreseen events they should be able to finish their videos by then.  

ALL work will be completed within the class period. 


For next week we are heading into waves (sound & Electromagnetic}

Upcoming events will be;

1) Parts of the wave 

2) Sound Waves

          - Dancing Flames demo

          - Speed of Sound Lab

          - Musical instrument



Requirements, parameters and due dates will be posted on Google classroom for both 7th and 8th grade. 

Mr. Loos