6th Grade Life Science Weekly Big Idea

Ever wonder how our bodies heal and grow? We will be covering the concepts of Mitosis and Meiosis with a variety of activities, discussions, and videos to engage each student in cell processes and phenomenon! Want to preview your child's learning? View the link for the Amoeba Sisters Youtube channel to get a crash course on Mitosis and Meiosis! 

Solar Eclipse Aug. 21st

The first week of school brings an exciting and highly anticipated phenomenon called a solar eclipse! This is a great chance to not only witness the moon block the sun as a unique view but more importantly allows scientists to study CMS (Coronal Mass Ejections) which have been difficult to study due to the brightness of the sun. The following article describes the phenomenon and how they hope to examine it using an array of tools. Also listed is the official Nasa website dedicated to the event. 



Be sure to wear your protective glasses and enjoy the first total solar eclipse in 100 years!

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