Academics, Support, Evaluation, & Assessments


St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School offers a comprehensive academic program for all students.  Our curriculum and materials have been carefully selected to encompass a wide range of activities and hands-on learning experiences.  Many of our classes incorporate blended learning, in which a portion of the traditional face-to-face instruction is supplemented by digital learning.


While we adhere to the standards set forth by the Kansas State Department of Education and the Catholic Diocese of Wichita, we recognize that not all students learn the same way on the same day.  As such, our teachers differentiate instruction to the students in their classrooms. We also offer additional challenge or support for students through our Learning Support program. 


Kindergarten through 8th grade students are evaluated on a quarterly and semester basis with parent/teacher conferences at the end of the first and third quarters.  Performance of students in kindergarten through 2nd grade is evaluated against the standards using a skills checklist. Performance of students in 3rd through 8th grade is reflected by letter grades as follows:

A = 92 – 100%
B = 83-91%
C = 74-82%
D = 65-73%
F = below 65%


We use a variety assessment tools to monitor student progress and achievement including the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) program.  Kindergarten through 3rd grade students participate in Dibels.  Students in 3rd through 8th grade participate in Kansas State Assessments as well as the Diocesan Religion Test.  Selected grades also participate in Diocesan technology, physical education, music, and art assessments.