Stewardship Council

The purpose of the Stewardship Council of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church is to promote all activities pertaining to stewardship as a priority and way of life.  Acting under the authority of the pastor, the Stewardship Council consists of nine to twelve members who are appointed by the pastor and who each serve three-year terms.  Members who serve as leaders of each Pillar of Stewardship are responsible for promoting and instilling stewardship as related to the hospitality, prayer, formation and service.  At-large members are responsible for supporting the overall efforts of the Council.

The Stewardship Council meets the second Thursday of odd number months at 6:00 p.m. in the School Library. Regular meetings are open to all members of the Parish.  Visitors must seek approval and make arrangements with the Pastor or the Council Chair, to attend a meeting and be included on the meeting agenda, at least two weeks prior to the Council meeting he or she wishes to attend.  

 2018-2019 Stewardship Council
(Photos Coming Soon!)

Brett McMahon: Chair
20 yr parishioner; Wife:  Jen; 4 children; Marketing

Dee Dee Dewell             Andrew Do             Katie Henning             Karen Hurley
  11 yr parishioner             14 yr parishioner             7 yr parishioner             16 yr parishioner
Outreach Services             Wife: Catherine             Husband: Jacob             Husband: Dan
              2 children             2 children              2  children
              Police Officer              Teacher              Sales
LeRoy Kreutzer             Sandy Londono             Victor Lyczak             Curtis Richardson
18 yr parishioner             24 yr parishioner             32 yr parishioner             29  yr parishioner
Wife: Jennifer             1 child             Wife: Carmen             Wife: Kelley
2  children             Office Manager             1 child             2 children
  Trainer                           Digital Transformation             Engineer 
Patrick Romer              Silvina Salgado             Josina Sharau             Trent Shepherd  
9 yr parishioner             13 yr parishioner             11 yr parishioner             9 yr parishioner 
Wife: Cortney             Husband: Diego             Husband: Godfrey             Wife: Erin 
3 children             2 children             4 children             4 children 
Management                                          Engineer 
 Joseph Traglia
            Jana Ultzch
            Donald Weidler
1 yr parishioner             24 yr parishioner             2 yr parishioner              
Wife: Jennifer              Husband: Greg             Wife: Shelby              
3 children             4 children             2 children              
Management              Nurse Anesthetist             Owner/CFO