Parish Council

Acting in an advisory capacity to the pastor, the St. Thomas Aquinas Parish Council provides advice and direction in supporting and promoting the mission of the parish.  The Parish Council consists of at least nine members who each serve three-year terms.   Members serve as leaders of each Pillar of Stewardship or as at-large members.  They are responsible for listening and representing the wisdom and many perspectives present in the parish community.   The Parish Council is also responsible for cooperating with other parishes and the Diocese of Wichita in the fulfillment of the universal mission of the Church.

The Parish Council meets the first Thursday of even number months at 6:30 p.m. in the School Library. Regular meetings are open to all members of the Parish.  Visitors must seek approval and make arrangements with the Pastor or the Council Chair, to attend a meeting and be included on the meeting agenda, at least two weeks prior to the Council meeting he or she wishes to attend.  

 2017-2018 Parish Council
(Photos Coming Soon!)

Tim Link: Chair
17 yr parishioner; Wife:  Jane; 1 child; Consultant

Emeline Abay             Patrick Ahern             Kay Auer             Karen Balbierz
 31 yr parishioner              19 yr parishioner             26 yr parishioner              21 yr parishioner
 Husband:  Tex              Wife: Georgia             Husband: Joe              Husband:  Tom
 6 grown children              2 children             2 children             2 grown children
 Orthodontist              Comm Real Estate             CFO              Koch Industries
Jim Flax             Melissa Grelinger             Jeff Grier             MariAnn Heeren
25 yr parishioner             25 yr parishioner             25 yr parishioner             10 yr parishioner
Wife: Elizabeth             Husband: Bart             Wife:  Kelly              Husband:  Tim
KMC Counselor              2 grown children             3 children              4 children
               Prof Volunteer             Construction Bus              Pilates Instructor
 Brian Kaiser             Pete Krsnich             Chris Magana             Mark Niederee
22 yr parishioner             6 yr parishioner             22 yr parishioner              13 yr parishioner
Wife: Lynn             Wife:  Courtney             Wife:  Jennifer             Wife: Myra
2 grown children             2 children             2 children             4 children
Products Trading             Insurance Bus             Judge             Surgeon
 Andrew Porter             Twila Puritty             Sounida Truong              
10 yr parishioner              11 yr parishioner             10 yr parishioner              
Wife: Mandy              Husband: Ross             Husband: Phu              
7 children              5 children             Two Children              
Physician              CEO             Anesthesiologist