Extraordinary Giving

The Extraordinary Giving Program (EOG) was established as a result of anticipated changes in Parish and neighborhood demographics, is a fund development initiative of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church.  The primary objective of EOG is to raise funds for future operating costs of the Parish.  Extraordinary Giving, although easily compared to industry-standard fundraising, is supplemental to, and an extension of, stewardship of giving, through which the Church currently operates and maintains over 60 Parish groups (including the Parish School).  As St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church begins to experience the anticipated changes in demographics, the fruits of Extraordinary Giving will enable the Parish to continue to serve thousands of Catholic believers, well into the future.

Important Details about Extraordinary Giving

  • It is people business
  • It is a ministry of sharing
  • It is founded in the concepts of stewardship
  • It is not fundraising which is a short-term, stop-gag measure of generating income
  • It is a long-term approach that includes developing and executing a strategic plan, improving public relations, and securing support
  • It will address all future needs that will someday be above and beyond ordinary stewardship of giving

Avenues to Participate in Extraordinary Giving


For more information regarding Extraordinary Giving, please contact Traci Kennedy, Dir. of Stewardship & Pastoral Planning at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 316-683-6569