We are eager to announce that we have embarked upon a formal Pastoral Planning process through which we will develop a new Parish Pastoral Plan.  The last time we engaged in such a process was 2009. 

Our new Pastoral Plan, which we will begin to implement in 2019, will outline goals and objectives for us to meet as we strive to fulfill our vision of uniting and leading all disciples of Christ to life eternal through the Eucharistic, love, and service.

Our Pastoral Planning process will take several months to complete.  The process will be guided by prayer and discernment and overseen by a Steering Committee of parishioners including, Carley Hittle, Gavin Jonas, Huyen Truong, Steve Johnson, Craig Dreiling, Dave Dahl, and Joan Barrier.  A parish survey will be an important first step in the planning process.  Focus group meetings and brainstorming sessions will be held over the summer months. Our new Pastoral Plan should be finalized by the end of the year.

Parish Council members will be available after all Masses the weekend of February 17 and 18 to answer questions about our Pastoral Planning process and/or the parish survey.