Participation: Service

At St. Thomas, we Practice Stewardship as a Way of Life.  We participate.  We prayerfully consider which personal talents and skills we possess and can gratefully share with God through our parish and our community. 

The Pillar of Stewardship on which we will focus this week of our RSVP campaign is that of Service. Parishioners seek the parish family as a primary community to serve and to be served—to give and to receive. If a parishioner finds they can serve and be ministered to, they have little need to search elsewhere for this fulfillment. Likewise, they have recognized a place where their service is appreciated and utilized for the good of the Church.  

At St. Thomas, we support parishioners in fulfilling God’s calling to be of service to the parish and the community.  We do this through providing parishioners opportunities to participate at the parish and in the community, both individually and together.

A brand new parish group through which parishioners can serve is the Childcare Apostolate.  Through this group, parishioners will provide childcare at parish and school events and activities such as faith formation classes and fellowship gatherings.  The objective of the Childcare Apostolate is to provide parishioners the opportunity to more fully participate in parish life.

Another Apostolate that falls under the Service Pillar of Stewardship is STA Cares for Our Own.  Very simply, volunteer parishioners are paired with parishioners who cannot join in the community of Christ.  The goal of STA Cares is to establish strong, lasting relationships resulting in parishioners, who may have once been disconnected from the parish simply because of circumstances, reconnecting thanks to their new friend serving Christ. 

At St. Thomas, we practice Stewardship as a Way of Life.  We seek our parish family as the primary community to serve and to be serve; to give and to receive. We participate by serving.