What is Prayer & Action?

Laura Gouvion, 683-6569
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Prayer & Action is a summer Catholic youth ministry program for high school studentswhere young people pray together and work together to serve those who are in need.

Prayer & Action takes place over 5 days. You will arrive on Sunday evening and stay until Friday morning. Throughout the week, you will paint, clean, do yard work, and perform other meaningful tasks for the poor, disabled, and elderly. You will spend the week in an atmosphere that will foster your faith, inspire charity, and lead you closer to Christ. The experience will also allow you to get to know other high school students from other parts of the diocese who share your Catholic Faith. 

Prayer & Action is facilitated by a mission team, which consists of seminarians and other dynamic young adults. This team and the parish adult leaders will be with you at the work sites, working side-by-side with you. In the evenings, the team will lead "Collatio," the retreat portion of P&A. "Collatio" is perhaps the most important part of the day as you will play, worship, and grow together in Jesus Christ. "Collatio" includes games, music, small groups, and short inspiring talks from the team.

This year, the St. Thomas Aquinas Prayer & Action group went to Holy Name Parish in Arkansas City, KS the week of June 25-30. High school youth interested in a life-changing experience, stay tuned for details about next year's trip!

We are always in need of Adult chaperones for Prayer & Action!  If you or an adult you know is interested, please contact Laura Gouvion for details about next year's trip.

For more information about Prayer & Action, please click here.