Admission and Enrollment Overview

Preschool Admission

The St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School preschool is a tuition-based program. To be admitted, children must be fully bathroom trained and meet class age requirements.  Parents must also submit a copy of the child’s birth certificate, baptism certificate, annual physical exam results, and Kansas Certificate of Immunizations. As well, a student health history must be completed.  Parents must also adhere to the guidelines set forth in, and sign a, Parent/Guardian Agreement, and a Preschool Tuition Agreement must also be signed.

K-8 Admission

For parishioners who have a 12-month history of active participation in the life and mission of the parish as good stewards, the parish will fund the cost of their children’s education at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School.  Good stewards attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days, participate in the sacraments, participate in religious education, serve parish ministries, and keep good faith to all stewardship pledges. 

In addition, these parishioner parents must have a current Stewardship Commitment Form on file with the church, must adhere to the rules outlined in, and sign a, Parish/School/Family Agreement (PSFA), and must fulfill their annual giving pledge by the end of the calendar year, unless other arrangements have been made with the Pastor or his staff.

Newly registered parishioners wishing to enroll their children at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School under the stewardship model need to provide a history of active stewardship, as outlined in a letter from their previous Pastor, in addition to the above requirements.

Non-parishioner families who are active members at a Catholic Church without a school must also adhere to the guidelines above for admission. 

We also welcome the opportunity to partner with non-parishioner families who practice a faith other than Catholicism.  The admission of students from such families is contingent upon the way the parents practice their faith and how they provide examples of stewardship, respect, reverence, and responsibility to their children.  Non-Catholic families wishing to attend St. Thomas must adhere to the rules outlined in, and sign a, Parish/School/Family Agreement and, an Admission/Tuition Agreement must be signed.


Pre-enrollment is held the last week of January.  Enrollment paperwork, including a non-refundable deposit which is credited toward parent-paid fees, is submitted to the School Office.  Admission requirements, as outlined above, must be completed prior to pre-enrollment.

Final enrollment is held on the last Monday of July.  Parent paid fees are due at final enrollment.