Meet Miss Eck


My name is Maria Eck, and I'm excited to be your new Art Teacher at St. Thomas!
This is my second year of teaching after graduating from Kansas State University. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to be teaching in a Catholic school this year as part of the STA family. I love learning and creating! I can't wait to create goals, artwork, positive relationships, and fun memories this school year. Please feel free to contact me or come visit the art room anytime!

Our Lady, Undoer of Knots - Pray for us!

Document Descriptions

If you look at the top right corner of this page, you will find a list of uploaded documents. Please refer to the following titles/descriptions to help navigate this list and find what is useful and relevant.

Art Updates:  It is my goal to occasionally post a brief publication of current 'Art Room Happenings' - these updates are relevant to all grades.

Middle School:

  • 7th Grade Art Class:  Course Introduction/Description and live links for both student and parent reference & enjoyment
  • Visual Notes:  My example as a resource/outline of topics covered in class. (Student reference)

Diocesan Fine Arts Glossary:  The glossary contained and utilized in the current Art Assessment for Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Wichita. (Student reference)

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