Headlice...A note from Mrs. Miller

This is the time of the year when creepy crawlers such as head lice come to visit us. Here are some thoughts to keep in mind. Head lice are small insects resembling sesame seeds. Head lice eggs are called nits.  Nits are small, oval, and resemble dandruff.  They are found near the scalp.  There is a difference between nits and dandruff.  Nits stick to the hair shaft and do not come off easily. If you see nits or live bugs, contact your doctor or pharmacist for treatment. If the over the counter shampoos do not kill the lice, speak with your doctor. A prescription shampoo may be necessary.  Children may return to school after being treated. They are only excluded from school if they have live bugs on the scalp. Close contact is necessary to spread head lice. They do not jump from head to head. They do not live on surfaces, but can be spread by sharing combs or hats if live lice were present at the time of use. Remind your children not to share hats, combs etc. Having head lice does not mean that a child has poor hygiene. Actually, head lice seem to prefer clean hair. They do not carry disease and are not dangerous. But they are a nuisance.  Know what to look for and treat if necessary. If you child gets head lice, after treatment, wash bedding in hot soapy water as well as clothing that may have come in contact with the head. Items that can’t be washed can be placed in plastic bags and sealed for a couple of weeks. Vacuum carpets and furniture. DO NOT TREAT YOUR CHILD UNLESS YOU SEE LIVE BUGS OR NITS ON THE HEAD

Joan Miller

Mrs. Joan Miller, RN
School Nurse
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