Welcome, Winter!

Happy New Year! Happy New Season! Kansas is usually a great place to experience all 4 seasons throughout the year. Our STA Preschool classes are happy to see some snow so that we can actually put our January science lessons to the test. These will include: measuring and comparing the inside and outside temperatures, measuring snow accumulation, making ice, melting ice, graphing winterwear, and on and on. Welcome, winter! We've been waiting for you!

We have entered into the 3rd quarter of the school year. If you have not had an opportunity to come visit or help out at your child's classroom but would like to, please feel free to come in! You can see your child in action with friends and activities.

Angel of the Week--will be starting soon for all my preschool classes. This is an activity where each child gets a turn to be in the spotlight for the week by bringing a picture poster which shows their family, favorite things, and what they want to share about themselves. We have an outline sheet which your child will bring home during the week prior to their Angel Week. Directions are included. If you would like to see some examples of an Angel poster, stop by Mrs. McLeod's backdoor or the Kindergarten rooms to look at the Angel boards right inside their doors.

Once again...Happy 2018

January Themes:

3 - 5        Yy, new year

8-12        Ww, winter

16-26       Ss, snow, snakes, spaghetti

29-Feb 2   Gg, gingerbread, groundhog