The Face of the Learning Lab

     Hello, I am Audrey Doolittle, the STA Learning Lab Administrative Assistant. My job is to schedule and organize the day to day functions of the Learning Lab. Students who use the Lab are a joy to work with and they continue to remind me of the importance of perseverance! My Degree is in Business Administration & Marketing, with an Associate's Degree in Communications. 

     I have been a member of the STA Parish since arriving in 2006, with my husband, Bill and our three children; Sarah (grad KMC 2013), Jacob (10th Gr, KMC), and William (7th Gr, STA). I have worked at STA for several years, and joined the Learning Lab team in March of 2016.


Learning Support

In an effort to provide every student an opportunity to achieve their highest potential, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School utilizes a “Multi-Tier System of Support” (“Tier”).  All students in kindergarten through 5th grades participate in general "tier time" for English/Language Arts and Math.  

For students who need additional challenge or support (Tier 2 & 3), special services may be requested through our Learning Support Program. Adaptations, assistive technology, and individual instruction are available.  As well, individualized instruction plans which utilize creative, educationally progressive methods and technology can be developed for students.

Click here to visit Mrs. Ernstmann's page for more information about K-5 learning support.

Click here to visit Mrs. Wilcox's page for more information about Middle School learning support.

The Learning Lab

The Learning Lab is a specialized educational center that is a resource for students who are served through the Learning Support Program. The Learning Lab features small, individual rooms as well as a larger center area for small groups.  It is quiet environment for students who need to retreat to from the classroom for lengthy assignments and/or tests. 

Summer Thinking Adventures

To help battle the loss of academic achievement over the summer months, we offer “Summer Thinking Adventures” (STA).  STA is a summer school program which provides for the review of basic skills as well as enrichment opportunities.