4th Grade News

It is a FULL week of school! 

4th grade is in charge of selling water during the Cultural Festival on Sunday, 1/28.  If you or your company could donate bottles of water for the cause, please let Mrs. Bleakney know.  If you and your child would like to volunteer to sell water that day, please let Mrs. Bleakney know.  Thank you so much.

Week at a Glance:  1/8 - 1/12


Monday:  Walk in Sister's Shoes Campaign begins  Return Moby Max parent signature yellow paper.

Tuesday: Clare Fiebach will lector at Mass!  Fire Drill

Wednesday: regular schedule

Thursday: regular schedule

Friday:  Math test over Topic 8

Would you like to give your child a jump start on practicing for the Kansas State Assessments?  Go to:



Math:  Continue Math Topic 8 Developing Fluency: Multiplying by 2-digit numbers. The test will be on Friday, 1/12.  Also beginning  January 8 (Monday) the Moby Max requirement will go up to 40 minutes required per week and will be worth a 5 point quiz grade each week.

Social Studies:  We will continue Chapter 7 on the Midwest! States & Capitals test over 6 Midwest states this week.

Religion:  We will begin memorizing the Act of Hope and continue learning terms for the Diocesan Religion Test (DRT) and reading in our religion book.

Science:  Continuing our unit on Botony (plants).

ELA:  Students will be studying poetry and writing a short essay on comparing and contrasting to go along with our Catholic Schools Week at the end of January.

January 22 will be a National Day of Prayers in remembrance of Roe v Wade.



Please see student agenda and  Homework Board for daily homework assigned.  The homework board is subject to change based on what we get done in class.


Recess Volunteer Schedule 12:20 - 12:40 each day:

Monday          Tuesday          Wednesday          Thursday          Friday

McCorry           Porter              Fiebach/             Sharau            Schaefer/

                                                    Korfhage                                    Romer

Subs for recess duty:  Runyan, Richardson, Korfhage (could possibly do every other Tuesday)  

MOBY MAX CLUB!  There is a Moby Max Club after school on Tuesday's from 3:35 - 4:05.   Students may come to the Computer Lab #2 at this time to work on their Moby Max.  This is a great way for your students to earn their weekly goal minutes.  The club is sponsored by Mr. Jones, Mrs. Ulmer, and myself.  I will kick off the first week.  Come get a little treat from me, and get in some great Moby Max minutes. You do not need to sign up for the club, just come when you can.

For 4th grade, students will be expected to complete 30 minutes of Moby Max weekly.  The weeks will go from Wednesday to Wednesday.  For this first week of Moby Max, I simply ask the students to finish the placement test and that will count for their time.  The students worked on Moby Max last Monday and Tuesday, but the system had not reset yet for the new placement test.


In 4th grade, Mrs. Krsnich will be teaching all students English, Language Arts (ELA).  Mrs. Bleakney (Mrs. B) will be teaching all students Math and Science.