4th Grade News

Week at a Glance:  10/23  -  10/27

Monday:  All School Mass (Mrs. B's birthday)

Tuesday:  3-5 Mass / Field Trip to Cosmosphere /Moby Max Club 3:35-4:05 


Thursday: No school - Parent /Child/Teacher conferences

Friday:  No school - Parent / Child / Teacher conferences

Please see student agenda and  Homework Board for daily homework assigned.  The homework board is subject to change based on what we get done in class.

In second quarter your student may notice that the material gets harder.  The subjects are no longer reviewing 3rd grade material.  Instead of giving them the answers, we teach students to use perseverance and problem solving skills to help them through the challenge of the subject material. Students will be held accountable for finishing their homework, and bringing the appropriate supplies to school each day.

40 Days for Life: In solidarity with the Catholic Diocese of Wichita's 40 Days for Life, we are praying the Rosary and collecting diapers and formula to benefit Birthline.  Collection dates are October 2 - October 30 .  Diapers of all sizes are needed.  There will be tables set up near the plaza entrance to hold the items.  We also invite you to join us in praying the Rosary each morning before school, and at home as a family.  Students are keeping track of Rosaries prayed.  Ask them to show you their Rosary cards that they complete for each Rosary prayed.

Upcoming field trip to Cosmosphere in Hutchinson:  On Tuesday, October 24 we will be taking a bus to the Kansas Cosmosphere to do a STEM Field trip on ROCKETS! (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)  As part of our day the students will design, build, and launch their own paper rockets.  It will be so much fun. Please consider coming with us to chaperone and enjoy the fun!

Recess Volunteer Schedule 12:20 - 12:40 each day:

Monday          Tuesday          Wednesday          Thursday          Friday

McCorry           Porter              Fiebach/             Sharau            Schaefer/

                                                    Korfhage                                    Romer

Subs for recess duty:  Runyan, Richardson, Korfhage (could possibly do every other Tuesday) 

INFORMATIONAL TEXT REPORT:  4th graders will be working on an informational text book review over the next 5 weeks in Library Class.  they have chosen books to read.  A graphic organizer and PowerPoint presentation will be completed during their library time. PowerPoint presentations will be done during ELA class. Up to 4 points will be awarded for AR and up to 10 points will be awarded for the presentations.  Feel free to email Anne Krsnich or Librarian Jane Kriwiel if you have any questions.  

MOBY MAX CLUB!  There is a Moby Max Club after school on Tuesday's from 3:35 - 4:05.   Students may come to the Computer Lab #2 at this time to work on their Moby Max.  This is a great way for your students to earn their weekly goal minutes.  The club is sponsored by Mr. Jones, Mrs. Ulmer, and myself.  I will kick off the first week.  Come get a little treat from me, and get in some great Moby Max minutes. You do not need to sign up for the club, just come when you can.

For 4th grade, students will be expected to complete 30 minutes of Moby Max weekly.  The weeks will go from Wednesday to Wednesday.  For this first week of Moby Max, I simply ask the students to finish the placement test and that will count for their time.  The students worked on Moby Max last Monday and Tuesday, but the system had not reset yet for the new placement test.


In 4th grade, Mrs. Krsnich will be teaching all students English, Language Arts (ELA).  Mrs. Bleakney (Mrs. B) will be teaching all students Math and Science.