Oct. 23-27

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ARBookfinder Link

Roemeling Book Order Link

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Please return empty Friday folder- please store papers until the end of the quarter just to make sure grades are correct. 

Please DO NOT remove anything from the yellow folder- complete any work and return all papers to school.  We will clean folders out as we complete assignments.

Please send a sweater, light jacket, or sweat shirt. 

Homework Reminders: 

Mon. Oct. 23- Topic 4 math test

Tues. Oct. 24- Religion Ch. 4 test

Wed. Oct. 31- Early Vigil Mass to honor All Saints Day Thursday Nov. 1. 

Due to a shorten week, there will not be a spelling test or ELA test this week.  We will continue our story into the following week.  Tests will be Tuesday October 31.

Thur. and Fri. Oct. 26-26- Parent Teacher Conferences- Childcare/latchkey will be provided for parents who have small children. 

AR- Many students are ready to test over AR books.  However, not all students have a reading level yet.  Please see your child's agenda for reading level. If they are ready to take a test, please write the title of the book and the EN number for the book in the agenda.  You can find the EN number on AR book finder link above.  Sometime withing the next couple of weeks, we will test more students in order for them to be able to participate in the AR program.  AR is NOT a requirement.