Scholars Bowl Season Begins!

My favorite season of all! We will begin tryouts next week at the following times:

Wednesday, Aug. 30: Informational Meeting 3:45-4:00

Thursday, Aug. 31: 7th and 8th grade Written tests 3:45-4:15

Wednesday, Sept. 6: 7th grade Buzzer Tests 3:45-4:30

Thursday, Sept. 7: 8th grade Buzzer Tests 3:45-4:30

Friday, Sept. 8: Teams Posted

All tests will be in Mrs. Cathey's classroom-Room 29

Language Arts

What Are We Going to Do This Year?

First things first: this year will not be "just like sixth grade"! I am so glad we are all back together, but be prepared to work harder, write more, and show me how much you've grown and matured since sixth grade. So what will we be doing?