Week of May 22

Please encourage your student to finish the school year strong.

6th grade will have a Math Mall next Mon/Tue. They are to bring a handful of items to sell. Please do not bring anything valuable, such as a collectible. They won't be returning home with them. They can bake items or create items (think Pinterest). If they are baking, they may want to make enough for the whole class.

Final ALEKS mastery will be due this Sunday, 5/21 by 9pm. This will count as a test grade.

ALEKS club will be held every Wed 3:30-4:05 in computer lab 2. Students can come to get help in ALEKS or just log some time at school. I ask that all students learn 10 topics each week to reinforce class lessons. If a student has a knowledge check during the week, he/she is to complete the knowledge check and learn only 5 topics that week.





3rd hr 6th grade Math

2-3 Writing Inequalities


2-4 Solving Add Sub Inequalities

2-5 Solving Mult Div Inequalities


4th hr 7th grade Math

8.5 Solving Proportions Using Cross Products


8.6 Scale Drawings & Models


5th hr PLTW (Design & Modeling)

Engineering, Go For It!

Making Stuff Smarter

Making Stuff Faster

Making Stuff Smaller

6th hr TA: meet in Winter's Science room

7th & 8th hr 6th grade Math


select New Student, and enter your class code

7th hr: Class Code: 6317F1

8th hr: Class Code: BF3C19

use same password as ALEKS password

11.2 Add Integers


11.3 Subtract Integers


11-5 Multiplying Integers


2 Negatives = Positive

11-6 Quotients of Integers


If your student needs help outside of class, he or she can find me:

  • after school in my office Tue-Thu
  • TA study hall in library (Tue, Wed, Fri)
  • 5th hr study hall in Mr Howell's room Thu

Mrs. Reintjes - Biography

I was born in Garden Plain, KS and moved to my grandparents' farm during middle school. There I attended school at St. Peters, Schulte and Goddard High School. Upon graduation, I earned a BSc in Mechanical Engineering at Kansas State University. I met my husband, Joe, while at K-State and we married after college. We returned to Wichita where I worked as a mechanical design engineer at Symbios (now NetApp) for seven years. Once our first son was born, I resigned to become a full-time mother.

A few years after my second son was born, I began substitute teaching Math and Science at St. Thomas Aquinas and Kapaun Mt. Carmel. During that time, I had the opportunity to teach in several long-term substitute assignments. These experiences convinced me that I was created to be a teacher. I love mathematics, enjoy teaching the subject and am thrilled when a student grasps a new math concept.

In my spare time our family enjoys staying active in the great outdoors. We hike, camp, boat, ski and snorkel. I also enjoy reading, watching movies, sewing and scrapbooking with friends in my spare time. My oldest son will be an 8th grader this year at St. Thomas and my youngest will be a 3rd grader here as well. St. Thomas Aquinas is also our home parish. You may recognize my name since I organize the Children's Liturgy of the Word program.

In case you have trouble pronouncing my name, the "ein" is German and pronounced with a long i, like in Einstein. Also, if you're curious the "tj" combination is Dutch.