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Week of Feb 21

Please get help if you don't understand a topic in class or if you were absent a day this week. You can click on the links below for helpful instructional videos and practice (know if you are doing the problems correctly before beginning your homework) related to the week's lessons on my website.

You will need to log 10 (or 5) topics in ALEKS each week to reach your 3rd quarter goal of 80% mastery.

All middle school students will be required to log weekly ALEKS topics. Please let me know if you do not have computer access at home. ALEKS club will be held every TUES 3:30-4:05 in my classroom. Students can come to get help in ALEKS or just log some time at school. I ask that all students learn 10 topics each week to reinforce class lessons. If a student has a knowledge check during the week, he/she is to complete the knowledge check and learn only 5 topics that week.


Hour of Code




Fog Stone Isle

2nd hr 6th grade Math

9-2 Percents & Decimals

9-1 Percents & Fractions

9-3 Computing with Percents 1

Computing with Percents 2

Computing with Percents 3

9-4 Percent of Increase or Decrease

9-5 Discount & Markup

Discount Practice

Markup Practice

9-6 Commission, Sales Tax & Tip

Commission Practice

Tax & Tip Practice

4th hr 7th grade Math

7th Geometry Vocab 1 Quizlet

7th Geometry Vocab 2 Quizlet

11.4 Areas of Parallelograms & rectangles


11.5a Area of Triangle


11.5b Areas of Trapezoids


5th hr PLTW (Automation & Robotics)

NOVA SpaceNow Robots

Engineering, Go For It!

Making Stuff Smarter

PBS Nova - Rise of the Robots

6th hr TA Reintjes' Raging Ramblers

7th & 8th hr 6th grade Math

2.2 Perimeter


2.2 Area


10.1 Area Parallelogram


10.2 Area of Triangle


10.6 Surface Area Prism


SA Triangular Prism

10.7 Volume Prism


If your student needs help outside of class, he or she can find me: 

  • after school in my room (#31) (Tue, Wed, Thu)
  • TA study hall in my room (#31) (Tue, Wed, Fri)
  • 5th hr study hall in Mr Howell's room (Thu only)