Fourth Quarter 2018

March 12th marks the beginning of the last quarter of the school year.  Students are striving for 100% mastery of ALEKS by May 18, 2018 (Click here to learn more about the program.).  

7th and 8th graders are preparing for the Kansas Assessments April 9 - 19.  

Seventh grade topics covered this quarter:  Probability, Simplify Expressions,  Solve Equations, Operations with Rational Numbers,  Slope, Equations with Two Variables, Graph Functions and Inequalities

Eighth grade topics covered this quarter:  Quadratic Equations, Factoring, Solve Multi-Step Equations and Inequalities, Transformations, Operations with Polynomials

Eighth graders are making the final preparations for the Culminating Presentation May 4.


Great resource for all the topics:

Mrs. Luman

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