Up coming Topics in 7th Grade Science

The week of March 12th

Monday thru Friday

  - Next up in the 7th grade will be a Presentation about the Atmosphere. The particulars are posted on google classroom.

For the week of March 19th

- Spring Break! :-) 

For the week of March 26th 

Precipitation; Rain, Sleet, Hail, Snow, Freezing rain, How they are different. How are they the same.

Up coming Topics in 8th Grade Science

Energy & Energy Transfer

The list is getting smaller. Only two things left for this section. Next, the 8th grade will examine the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) and sound. Students will be studying how waves travel, how sound is produced and the parts of the EMS. Should get us pretty close to the end of the year. If we have time I have a very cool project up my sleeve but only if we have the time.  

Activities list:

1) Energy Efficient house (Project, Model house, Presentation) ***We are here now

2) Keep The Heat (Project, Device, Data collection, Evaluation, Presentation)   



Requirements, parameters and due dates will be posted on Google classroom for both 7th and 8th grade.