7th Grade

7A & 7B


#1 Make sure you are finished with the Family Life Review Questions, Crossword Puzzle, & Word Search

#2 Get a blank slip of paper off the cow, put your name at the top, and answer the following questions about this Sunday's First Reading:

     a.) What parted and came to rest on the disciples?

     b.) What were the disciples filled with at Pentecost?

     c.) In the phrase, "began to speak in different tongues", what's another word for tongues?

#3 Turn in the slip on the COW

#4 Get a Family Life Book again.

#5 Get a piece of loose leaf paper and put your name at the top.

#6 Then on the front side of the loose leaf, do the “Showing Compassion” activity on page 13. Instead of just picking one situation, though, draw and COLOR all three of the situations on the ENTIRE front side of your loose leaf.  THEN, on the back side of the loose leaf, do the “Identify Yourself” questions on page 26.  Yes, please rewrite the start of the statements and then finish them.  This IS due by the end of class.