Preparing for the Diocesan Religion Test (DRT)

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#1 Get a good night of sleep and eat breakfast on the day of the test (May 8-11)

#2 Study for the Test

a.) Quiz your child using his or her notebook

b.) Quiz your child using the study guides found underneath Documents

c.) Encourage your child to use study materials on Quizlet
(7th Grade Link and 8th Grade Link)

d.) Pray for good results :)

7th Grade

MONDAY QUIZ: Theological & Cardinal Virtues, Spiritual & Corporal Works of Mercy, and the Ten Commandments

8th Grade

8th Grade Optional, Extra Credit Quizizz: 010342

This Quizizz will be live from Monday (4/16) until Sunday (4/22) at 11:45pm.  If you take it, finish it, and get an 83% or higher, you'll get 5 bonus points on your next quiz.  Yes, you may take this quizizz more than once if you are not pleased with your score.  Good luck and I highly encourage you to do this.

Also, don't forget to come to the study session this week for an extra bonus point on your quiz!